Recovering From A Clostridium Difficile (C Diff) Infection

How To Get Rid Of The Stomach Flu It seems t me that anyone who contracts diff and survives, tsymptms in no circumstances practically subside.

We came across our posts when striving t see if this is likely t be tnorm for others and fear thathis can be an essence long issue.

I appreciate everyone’s posts as they have helped me come t should be my health for a long time t come. Thought I should give you an update. Itk two months for tbloody stl t stp. Usually, I am able take a bit more and don’t usually have t run ttilet eating. I spray ttilet almost any time. Peroxide will in addition kill c diff. Site. That came back positive.

How To Get Rid Of The Stomach Flu I am still on 500 mg per day, for another week.

Which did not work, and cost me $ 200 for tcopay, my GI doctr did not believe I was still having issues from tc diff, right ttreatment with dificid.

Wash, wash, wash, clean, clean. Known we had t beg for another stl sample. Have done a little of research and have every that specializes in these cases. Finally, we was having bloody stls tentire time they was on tdrug. Needless t say, If antibiotics current round does not work I am headed t Mayo t see Dr. Spores could stay viable for a long time and were probably not killed by heat or chilly. The better place take recurrent c diff infection probably was either Mayo Clinic in MN, or Johns Hopkins in Bostn. Can’t have dairy, Developed lactse intlerance. Still have loose stls. Anyhow, doctr prescribed another round of vancomycin, 2000 mg per day for two months, so tapper off. You see, Going on one year and three months since I first got c diff. The research has shown that about 40percentage of people with c diff likewise have VRE.

How To Get Rid Of The Stomach Flu Stay off sugar, it seems t provide fuel for tbacteria.

As of tday I’ve been battling cdiff for 14 weeks.

My family musthink I am a hypochondriac. While anything fermented or gonna have mold was usually intlerable, big histamine foods, t milk intlerance. The diarrhea seems like a histamine response with tachycardia, anxiety, and nasal symptms plus insomnia. I am 25 pounds underweight and under no circumstances savor eating due t either effects conztipatio or diarrhea. Know what, I am ttally convinced that enzymes were destroyed and they could no longer process food correctly. For example, No health certificate and no money for pricey meds or tests so they try t research and watch what I get. Double wham t my system. Essentially, My biggest mistake was notaking my grand baby’s poop when shd was a baby and doing my own enema or suppositry. Nonetheless, have since had symptms and lots of intlerances t foods and getting worse, I tk flagyl and albendazole for giardia.

How To Get Rid Of The Stomach Flu To be honest I tested pisitive for cdiff I 2006 and in no circumstances been since Diff. Now this makes no sense t me being that we have no pain or cramping, little gas or bloating, and my entirely symptms are diarrhea, fatigue, and removal of extra obesity. I was feeling virtually normal for about six months. I contracted hospital in Octber After two metronidazole courses I am no better. Know what, I feel so it’s slowly killing me, I am not melodramatic. Vanco is entirely reachable intravenous in hospital and tdoctr refuses t send me back in there. Have changed my existence style completely but nothing helps.t

My heart goes out anyone fighting this terrible disease.

Awful nausea, fatigue, giddiness. They make a formula for men and one for women.t?? I’ve been using Garden of existence Raw Probiotics, that was considered t me by a sales clerk at HiHealth whose EMT father had contracted CDiff in tER. I reckon thatMiddle Eastern diet of homemade yoghurt, kefir, turmeric soaked meats may have a thousand year headstart on probiotic health systems. While therbs Turmeric and Curcumin, I as well learned a study that said that Green Tea may kill tbug.

How To Get Rid Of The Stomach Flu Know what, I contracted diff t preparing t an emergency care facility for a sinus infection/bronchitis.

Success or so tdoctrs said.

I was diff free for five months now however, tvery symptms that landed me in tER t start with has happen to be a constant. Oftentimes they was diagnosed with diff and put on Flagyl. I actually went tER with pain and bloody stls, t a month. The doctr prescribed Omnicef/Cefdinir which they tk but by tsecond day, By the way I was getting worse. That did not work either, they was prescribed a second dose of Flagyl. It did not work. It is we tk a 30 day dose of Vancomyacin. About once a week they get highly sick with shivering, abdominal pains, upset stmach, loose stls, blood, and nausea. Thatreatment failed too.

How To Get Rid Of The Stomach Flu There have usually been virtually solely 1 drugs that work against Clostridium Difficile -Flagyl, that has been a quite cheap drug with a pile of teffects, or oral vancomycin, pretty much tstrongest antibiotic attainable tday.

They wenthrough a course of Flagyl, and it basically didn’t work whatsoever.

Actually I was put on a hefty course of vancomycin, when that failed. She’s back t her old enough self five weeks int her ten day Flagyl course buthis time something is special. She has had three CDiff bouts in tlast year with tlatest being diagnosed in Octber. My 12 year old enough daughter is usually currently undergoing treatment for Leukemia ALL.

How To Get Rid Of The Stomach Flu All theses posts are sounding a lot like they are from my mouth.

We got a call a day later testing me positive for cdiff.

I started flagyl for two weeks so put ont vancomin for three weeks. Occasionally I will have ibs but mostly when I’m worried or stressed. I actually will take practically everything exceptfew things like beans and jelly. By the way I was diagnosed with cdiff in December t a doctr prescribed me two antibiotics rounds for an uti thathey didn’t have. To be honest I make one day at a time and try my best nothink about what has happened t me.

Actually I have learned that we can’t control anything that happens t me.

I am now three months free of cdiff.

I actually am in aw of what amount people gethis horrible bug. On tp of this, I am a really healthful person and completely they see that we have a long road ahead of me. It’s so rather good realising I’m not you have take tnormal bacteria also with an eye t get better, by not consuming food the intestinal flora shall not getnormal bacteria it once had… you have probably been depriving yourself from tflora your own body needs t recover, therewith should all of you be on Florastr and akin probiotics.

NO MORE SUGAR… really, I drastically changed my diet a bland one of oatmeal, bananas, rice, tast, fibre bars, plenty of yogurt, vegtables, and tdd soup here and there.

With five relapses… but it was not until we began turned outo be self-assured did positive overlooking happen, IT IS UP TO YOU t recover from C Diff, Actually I endured it for seven months.

Gretta hitnail on thead everyone! Consequently, consume lots!!!!! Of course It always was time t be proper, therefore this was an awake call t me, By the way I now exercise everyday, no longer take kebabs or fish and chips, and virtually think about everything I put int my body. Merely so you see we did not get C diff from antibiotics… I must have come in contact with spores somewhere out it community as we have not been on antibiotics for tlastwo years before this and they was a good 20 year old enough male who was in shape and fit.

This post usually was amid t most reputed I have written on this website, that has been, no doubt both good and horrible. In addition good in that people may look for some extra information and extra support via tcomments, I actually wenthrough. It’s safe t say we got rid of it before, I’ve had a few proceed with up tests o since, and all have come back negative. I’m quite sure I was put on a longer version of Flagyl athat point, and thankfully tested diff. Keep reading. Whenever making an individual susceptible t acquiring diff, broad use spectrum antibiotics in hospitals mostly destroys lots of tbeneficial flora in tintestines. Lately it’s started t affect junior men and women also, clostridium Difficile virtually used t usually mostly affect older people.

Normally tgood bacteria in tintestines could combat diff fairly quickly. It usually was fairly lethal, and is t key causes of death amongstelderly in hospitals. By the way I t went in for a sinus infection and was prescribed Augmentin. Known A few weeks later they had terrible diarrhea, went back and now my doctr thinks I have a Diff infection and prescribed me Flagyl on Wednesday. Doctr warned me that it would upset my stmach and advised me t make probiotics. It is Saturday and I am starting t feel a bit better. I am still raising a 15 yr old enough. You should gethis seriously. To be honest I am not sure we will ever return t our normal rough working, good selfs. Notice, For me it’s been a slow process. Now let me tell you something. I used t be trabbit and now I am tturtle.

The horrible part for me since ‘CDiff’ was tmental fight.

I’d go down once more, when I pushed myself.

I reccommend acupuncture asap t stp tviruses as much as manageable. Thank God for my husband and our insurance. All they usually can suppose usually was make one day at a time, listen the body and be particular our mind stays positive and healthful. So here’s the question. Why can’they be who they was before? Slow and straightforward. Anyways, I definitely do not have tstamina or tendurance I had 4 years ago but it’s incomparably better than a year ago! Now let me tell you something. I have oftentimes been rough working and self employed. Brad, Hang in there! I have not had a chilly or flu since CDiff and they attribute that acupuncture. Besides, we may not work tschedule we used t work.t

We in addition threw out all my quite old infected underwear and acquired modern clean ones once we started recovering.

ASK TO SEE A SPECIALIST, most doctrs do not have tknowlegde t combat C diff but someone who has dealt with many cases will understand how treat you. Needless t say, Sacchromyces has usually been a probiotic not often looked for similar probiotics, Know what guys, I will post another study done in Canada on BIO K hi potency Probiotic shots and c diff. Oil of Oregano. Although, Please see studies re. Saccharomyces Boulardii and c diff on NIH website attainable on PLOS. On tp of this, I am taking tFlagyl tgether with these, even tho tprobiotics should be invalidated by tab’ in my opinion being that she lost weight even on prednisone.

Flaygl once more and that it didn’t return.

Thank you for our own update of July 31, It was usually good t hear thatdiarrhea slowly went away.

11 months later he decisively tested once again for plenty of things and it came back that she had been misdiagnosed and had c diff -for ten months! How long did you have c diff before you were diagnosed and do you see of anyone that has had it for practically a year? Flagyl for 3 weeks was like night and day and later a month later she got c diff back. My daughter went thospital t get her eye washed out from something that was lodged in it. This was probably tcase. Does anyone long see term effects of c diff? Notice, If we look day t day we get highly discouraged and if we look back t previous year we always were encouraged. She got sick and tdoctr and GI specialistested her for quite a few things and c diff came back negative. Needless t say, the GI did a colonoscopy and decided she had ulcerative colitis. It was 16 months since flagyl last dose and she is usually slowly getting better but with a lot of ups and downs. She lost 30 pounds and has difficulty gaining tweight and keeping it on. On tp of this, She will gain five pounds and have pain and diarrhea and looses t5 pounds. Basically, When we’re at our lowest its most crucial t look for tsilver linings… hang in there -you will prevail -you’re body wants t be in a healthful state!

Remember others still have it far way worse -we could’ve a fistula and be publicly shamed and banished by our families t a hut out back. We’ve still got it good here. I’m writing this in hopes a particular amount you try this I’m pretty sure I started thinking abouthis, and went Whole Foods and started taking a multi vitamin that includes enzymes. On tp of this, we could get french fries, warm chocolate, and similar without immediately need t run tbathroom. By the way I rely heavily on a product called magnelevures. I got pretty ill if we ok any of these. Like lots of you, I lostability t consume nearly everything, t I got Diff. Know what guys, I could ultimately get food, it might be a coincidence. I’ve been going nuts with probiotics, like others. He thoughthat Diff maybe wiped out all tnaturally occurring enzymes in my GI system. Now look. The firstime in three years! He was pretty intrigued, when I enlightened all of my intlerances t my GI specialist.

Actually I turned outo be lactse intlerant, fat intlerant, alcohol intlerant, gluten intlerant, and redish meat intlerant.

Although had been so helpful with diff caused anxiety and panic attacks.

For everyone here, By the way I wanted t post a completely new discovery I’ve made. It’s harmless try, and they seek for testtheory t see if tenzymes have been helping. The txins trigger an innate immune response by binding t Toll Like Receptrs. Virtually, what appears t happen is that in susceptible men and women, those with particular genetics, tToxins from CDiff and akin infections, or tenvironment may accumalate and recirculate throughoutbody. I’m sure you heard abouthis. Obviously, So if you test positive for cdiff txins for the most parthere’s a lofty likelihood that you do have an active infection and relapsed. Always, This immune response leads t systemic inflammatry disease. Result is ttxins go through a process called hepatic recirculation where they were usually dumped intintestinal track and intcolon and hereupon readsorbed by tbody leading t a continuous cycle of illness.

I am sure thathe immune system does not correctly recognize these txins as antigens and does not produce tantibodies that flag ttxins for immediate excretion, unlike good guys and gals.

If we my research has been improve, tinflammatry process reduces all rythmic motion tcilia in tsinuses and villi of tintestine tvilli.

This makes for bacteria t set up in tsinuses mucosal linings and tsmall intestine without creating evidence of an overt infection. Notice that my sympathies t all who have suffered with it, This is one helluva disease. Knocking on wood here…. You should make it int account. Can’t consume salad, and nuts have probably been my nemesis, Taking ‘pro biotics’ like crazy.

Actually I am so grateful that one Flagyl round and 3 rounds of Vancomycin, Actually I was eventually prescribed Dificid.

Fortunately, I didn’t have t go, I practically had made tappointment atMayo clinic in Arizona for ttransplant consultation.

Whenever praying thathere should be no mucus or diarrhea, Every time I go tbathroom, I hold my breath. I’m pretty sure I still have horrible weeks now and that, but my doc said this can be my newest normal, it had been 5 months since ending tDificid. Generally, I am posting this since they feel thathere’s a lack of definate information about cdiff even amongst doctrs and I know it’s mostly downplayed as something that may effortlessly be treated with flagyl.

I am curious if you have heard from anyone that suffered from reactive arthritis t contracting cdiff?

Aboutwo months t being ultimately treated and tld I had ‘cdiff’ by a GI doctr, I woke one morning t extreme pain and swelling in my knee requiring another trip t ER.

I can’t walk without pain now and am seeing an orthopedic surgeon shortly. Go with up with GI doctr he tld me that reactive arthritis may happen t cdiff but he didn’t seem concerned about it. Could it be that chronic health tweaks usually can be put int place by this bacteria even t it had been treated and cured? Itk about a year before we felt my GI tract was close t normal. After having a c section and needing broad spectrum antibiotics they battled cdiff for months. By the way I am usually 46 and mostly rather active and not substantially overweight. By so we didn’t care anymore and merely wanted t go t bed and die. So, my baby and older son one and the other contracted ‘cdiff’ from me and they all tested positive, I in no circumstances tested positive with stl samples. Now look. Simply questioning since they sure do feel like I am still battling painful inflammation and arthritis symptms in my knee.

After two trips t ER we was often sent away with diagnosis of dehydration and undiagnosed abdominal pain.

Fluid drained from tjoint was negative and was tld it was just inflammation with uncertain etiology. Do you know that stl testing has a big percentage of false results? A well-reputed facthat is always. To be honest I had not had a poser with my joints before c diff and I under no circumstances had an accident or injury. Basically, t often hope! I didnthink we will live t see this day and here I am. Continued prayers for anyone living with this disease or in it wake., right? I haved t see by baby lose her firsteeth, my eldest daughter ride her first ‘horseI’ am thankful for whenever is possible that God gives me I will not be thealthy. ‘mountain climbing’, wind surfing and such. Now please pay attention. One so awful they went temergency room thinking it was a heart attack. Right? Cheese systematically makes my stmach feel like t Diff has always been back.

Still have a complete lack of energy, still on a BRAT diet and may be for pretty a bit of my existence, still 20 pounds underweight, simply beginning t come terms with my health in no circumstances being I swore t God however he fixed me, I should be ok with it. I am lactse intllerant for a reason of this disease. Keep reading. Ive been put in anxiety/depression medication as I had very much anxiety about getting sick once more thathey was having panic attacks. Will post more later. Then, Had surgery February 17 outpatient and by t23 was admiitted t hospital with severe case of C diff.

Extremely scarey I am 50 years pretty old and a lot very much for this blog on ‘C Diff’. Any nearly any day for months??? Now I am supposed t be better and it looks like tinfection was probably gone. By the way I get my vitamins and my probiotic. My doctr tld me that I have tflue!!! I actually have had C Diff for one 1/two years. Now I am sick t my stmach nearly any day and they in no circumstances feel ttally well. I have an appointment see a ttally new doctr that exceptional is gastroenterology.

I am so tired of being really tired and sick often.

Doctrs believe it was a latent response tantibiotics that got rid of my Diff.

I believe it was tprobiotics., with no doubt, it’s tantibiotics, and not anything about diff or lyme disease that practically caused tdaily abdominal pain and identical problems they experience, tmore we study abouthese things, tmore I come tconclusion thatantibiotics kept me alive far. Of course My original chronic pain likewise may are caused by heavy use of antibiotics treat additional illnesses when they was a child, including lyme disease.

My gastroenterologist wasn’t worried, here is far way higher than tstandard dose.

We don`t understand if they have any post diff symptms or not.

I acquired them at a wholesome food stre. Virtually, we have a few weeks ago begun reacting badly t milk products, and searched with success for this site while checking if there usually can be a connection. Know what guys, I have had chronic abdominal pain for years, including long before I got Diff. As a result, we contracted Diff at age 26, confirmed by medicinal tests. Simply keep reading. They tk big doses of probiotics, tstrongest I could search for, for multiple weeks. Choose what you will… I’d say make one and the other. Whenever tapering down over time, probiotic I tk contained 20 billion colony forming units per pill, and in my opinion they was taking eight pills a day at first. It still was a serious problem, t a few weeks of antibiotics. It decisively went away, a couple of months t it came. Just keep reading. Simply wanted t share my experience, hope it helps. Thence, It makes sense.

I actually tried Flagyl AND consequently vanco and if all cams back since I stpped tantibiotics.

They had cliff five years ago.

Best of luck t all. I was hirribly SICK for five months and t all felt normal for ghe firstime 12 hours t my transplant and have not had ONE problem since. Let me tell you something. I’m a RN and they have not been that. Actually I study, explore, and explore more and decided t do tfecal transplant via NG. Nonetheless, they wish more hospitals welcomed this treatment. It’s a cure! I’m almost sure I was soooo sick. Not IBS, nothing! Although, Swallow our pride and do this if tantibiotics don’t work. Are any of you working as we can’t gethings done indoors!

Thanks once again for our input, I don’t feel so alone!!!

I have loss weight.

One time you consume something the fine and tdefine foods was always impossible. With that said, I’m extremely fatigued!! My 2nd GI doc said he can’t problems two years and I’m not anyway a great deal of months as long as I’m either sick again or am afraid of getting sick. Should like t once more, Know what, I had replied in January of 2011. I would like thank everyone who commented on this website. Did anybody get vitamin D or B=12 deficiencies?

Who sees???

I have had another endoscopy and cat scan which searched with success for nothing.

My family thinks I’m nuts and doesn’t look for t hear about it anymore. Its metabolites Toxin an and Toxin B, many of which were positive, what should later proven to be rather t me was thatgastroenterologist followed up tcolonscopy with a stl test, not for tCdiff bacterium. Symptms began really slowly and progressed over a year until we had colonoscopy. When I was 23 I began having intestinal problems. The colonoscopy revealed almost white patches in tcolon wall indicative of ‘C Diff’. Notice, we first ran ont a study from So. Now please pay attention. One usually can obtain tspice in capsules or actually add it soups and stews, with blackish pepper. In fact, while in accordance with a report from a member of ACG, look, there’re currently 40 studies underway.

A Google search for turmeric and difficile will turn up a host of articles considering turmeric usually can benefit all sorts of disorders, from Alzheimer’s disease t malignant melanoma.

Turmeric is tbright yellowish spice that gives curry powder and warm dog mustard their color.

Have any of you heard of turmeric use in treating difficile? Consequently, it should seem a big robust amount of respected scientists are sufficiently intrigued t investigate, I’m usually suspicious of ‘cure alls’. California a few years ago regarding spice use in food and its effect on difficile. I in no circumstances had any health problems. Oftentimes doctr’s didn`t hear about it, I’m almost sure I see that it caused all of the issues.

It always was so frustrating.

They was fearful that I was developing an autimmune disorder being that we was in my late 20s and t green t have such pain.

I FINALLY stpped having heartburn. Diff has been so nasty. I’m pretty sure I went got massages and had acupuncture, I actually didn’t seek for t do drugs. Merely think for a moment. By the way I had such nasty heartburn it sent me temergency room as I couldn’t breat. With all that said… It provided relief and tpain virtually went away. To be honest I in addition had severe joint and muscle pain. I’m almost sure I was so wholesome before Diff. Besides, we merely wanted t allow you t see that you were always not alone with these symptms. It was so painful t walk and type on tcomputer. There must have been!!!! From what I am understanding its immensely significant make probiotics. Actually I got C diff when t a hysterectmy they had all a skin infection on amongst surgical sites as well as strep group we was prescribed clindamycin. Fact, There was no mention on tclindamycin bottle about probiotics!!

Since they was on pain meds… we merely forgot, in my opinion tdoctrs office staff tld me t get probiotics.

Labeling tbottle will be required by law.

To be honest I would have noticed it on tbottle, and if I did not, I see my spouse would have. Suffered through tHP burn, I stpped t’CDiff’ from getting all over tplace, when we did this. Needless t say, Wash our own hands with hydrogen peroxide full strength. For example, Try it out for yourself. When I put HP on my hands, it does not burn or turn almost white. In any event, they trust you have ‘CDiff’ embedded in your own skin cells, Therefore if it burns and turns white. I actually had horrible months where tdiarrhea was so nasty we wanted t curl up and die.

You live our existence sitting by tbathroom waiting for our next ‘event’ which you see might be once more.

They noticed it mentioned in these posts too.

How could it not be. It was virtually a year now since they first contracted this deadly illness. Depression was probably a teffects. Know what, I looked for various different sites where people insisted boulardii was I have taken tboulardii for about four weeks but.

After being diagnosed with a UTI in May we was given cipro.

Sheri, you are so improve thatmedical care in t has notably changed and getting a doctr t symptms came back in March. To be honest I solid think that ‘post diff’ was always simply as miserable as tdisease. To be honest I continuted t get more sick and lost a big deal of wieght as I support various responses -you quit wanting t consume. Whenever getting sicker and sicker, By the way I continued t go downhill. No more Lactse. That was my next project. Further explore indicated t me thatcurrentesting they do has probably been solve mostly 43 of ttime. And, look, there’re strains an and You have t be your for awhile being that it is impossible t get in t see someone in less than a month. I empathize with all of you for what you have had t endure. Likewise, I began having diarrhea shortly t starting it. I figuring out if it gonna be diff. To be honest I went back tphysician t let her see we was rather sick with diarrhea, stmach pains. By the way I couldn’t sithrough an all the meal without having t rush off. I’m pretty sure I then looked for in tresearch that oftentimes tdiff as well kills off all tlactase in your colon and you happen to be lactse intllerant. Virtually, I’m still sick but am beginning t have rather well months. I was so relieved t see I wasn’texception -as sad as it’s for all of you -we was beginning t worry we was somehow causing myself t be sick.

He looked with success for they had lymphocytic collitis.

We had t research it all myself.

Actually I again was tested by Rochester and my diff test came back negative. I am on my second round of flagyl 500mg 5 times a day. For instance, we will keep you posted and enable you t understand if it works. Then once again, we hope it works. Needless t say, Sounds like you have had a ruff time. After this I am planning try this stuff called olive leaf extract. I actually have explore some practically good medicinal journals about it. Im a nurse and picked up c diff from thospital. Potentially different issues down troad by having a spoiled gut, I actually would support everyone on this thread t doable consider isn’t actually limited t diff.

Iturns outhathey mostly have 15percentage of tdiversity as most people, even t 10 years.

This always was something we have struggled with for 11 years, and despite my better efforts with diet and probiotics, still have a tainted guten years later.

Best of all they will have plenty of tests, blood and DNA, from before and t, t compare and share. I/I diabetes. I’m pretty sure I lately did a RNA analysis of my stl at uBiome t see what was practically in it. Of course That leads me t reckon that plenty of overlooking due those antibiotics were permanent. FMT therapy achieves success rates of up t 94percent so it’s definitely something t consider,. Right? If all goes well I’ll have tFMT done right January. Site. I am currently thinking about doing a fecal transplant hopefully restre my internal microbiota tway it was before all of this started. I’m preparing t start a food diary so they could more accurately determine whathings cause difficulties.

Double up on tyoghurt you’re eating and NEVER omit your own weekly probiotic, including AFTER you’ve completed antibiotics course given you.

In my opinion And so it’s possibly wise t avoid extremely fibrous ones or those having an indigestible part.

About raw vegetables. Brie, you don’t need t fight infections without antibiotics for the all the essence but whenever is possible somebody wants t prescribe them for you, have them phone our own gastroenterologist clear antibiotic TYPE they give you. Essentially, best of luck. Furthermore, in my opinion you have t experiment cautiously. Know what guys, I am a vegetarian and loads of vegetables now seem t cause me difficulties, including winter squash. I’ve had t get antibiotics twice since acquiring diff, and they did NOT trigger a recurrence. Now let me tell you something. By the way I was in her office within half an hour and I tld this quite good lady that we went her t die. After completing these first round antibiotics, tCDiff came back t 3 weeks. One week before I completed my second round, tCDiff came once more. I was prescribed another round of Vanco and Flagyl. Notice that She referred me t Eileen Han, an acupuncturist in San Diego. This usually was tcase. I had notaken anything in 3 months and had really little sleep in weeks.

I was so sick, I understood they would not make it. My doctr tld me there was nothing more that modern medicine could do for me and she assumed that I go t Chinese medicine. Avoid any and all foods/drinks with sugar in them. Restand drink a slew of water. Then, Taeyler, I understand our own fear and the despair. Consequently, Flagyl always was tfirst drug doctrs prescribe for diff. Known Sanitize everything in your own surroundings DAILY with 25percent Clorox/water ‘wipedowns’. Try t divert yourself. With all that said… This usually was a LONG war you’re might be fighting. It IS, Actually I wish that were not very true. Wash, wash, WASH the hands. Go back t your own doctr and getting repeated stl cultures. Make the medicine, take trecommended foods, make a deep breath, and see that for the most parthere’re people out here whom you don’t see who were probably PULLING FOR YOU! So if your own stl culture has always been still positive, more effective than Flagyl. Which is immensely steep in price. By tway, Flagyl makes everybody feel terrible.

I’d say in case that has been a favorite with you, do hobbies, Do some gentle things for yourself explore, I’d say in case understanding is always what you love.

What I mean by tlatter is this.

Avoid artificial sweeteners. It’s a nice idea to go back t your doctr t you stop t10 day course, and beg for a stl culture. 3 advice bits. Take tboring diet. Known Getting well from diff. Nevertheless, Be persistent and DO THE WORK. Actually I feel like a prisoner t my own body. That before? I have since has a resurgence of it once again. So, we have taken 1 flagyl rounds and thoughthey was dying. Commonly, You see what I mean if you have taken it. Remember, Flu symptms for 1 weeks. I am glad t have searched with success for this conversation.

I have celiac’s disease and contracted C Diff t my doctr gave me really strong antibiotics.

If I may make a suggestion -some food allergy testing may make our own health teasier.

Sophisticated t manage, Eliminiation diets have always been SO, and symptms will be delayed tpointhere they were probably nearly impossible track. I hope you have usually been able t figure something out, the truth is usually, malnutrition was as rubbish a issue as By the way I learned alot during my ordeal by planning t a big website with most of good people. Still have tpain in my side, It’s been 6 months since they had Diff. To be honest I guess they simply have t live with it, All ttests say I’m fine.

Know what guys, I ended up getting Diff twice they gave me antibiotics for a sharp pain in my side.

I was diagnosed in August 2013 while visiting my boyfriend in thospital taking an antibiotic I caught it and they continued in hospital within a week for two weeks.

I’m quite sure I felt better taking flagyl buthence got worse and was given vancomycin four times a day for ten weeks. Diarrea; mucous and blood in stl, I’m starting t get my symptms back, loss of appetite. I can’t be around him for fear he will catch it. I seriously felt like I was dying. A well-prominent facthat is. I have been on cipro, flagyl and now I’m on van and I have t get it for 4 weeks.

Know what, I understand o how all of you are feeling, I was fighting cdiff now for awhile. Whenever consuming food was sophisticated cause anything I’d put in my mouth they will throw up, My PCP and we feel I’ve had it since 01/18/It had gotten so nasty that I was having abdominal pain, I basically in no circumstances leftbathroom. Often out and about but now they spend usually in bed. Doctr feels that my system has been still recovering. Doctr prescribed multi vitamins and energy drinks. Then, we have discovered coconut water and drink a litre a day t keep hydrated. Anyways, Stl sample and blood tests normal. In addition, Is there an end this? Having explore lots of stries regarding Difficile, my health troubles now make sense. Four months later I am still struggling with my health…. I am not sure that so it is tcase. Continually nauseous, tired, usually feeling ill. That’s right! I’m 78 years old enough, take a good diet, no alcohol. Shorter stay in hospital resulted in Difficile.

Im sitting in thehospital explore all these strys bcause my husband simply figured outhat he has cdiff.

Has anyone ever ben tld thathey have gastropersis And so it’s realy cdiff?


I obtained a nutribullet so I usually can consume more vegetables… good or nasty idea?

Are all raw foods terrible?

My body needs t understand how t fight on its ownby tway we completey supportcomments about doctrs and antibiotics. I actually am now worried thathings are probably was saying that IBS usually can begin six months t a year later. You see, Cdiff is ticing on tcake. Needless t say, I get florastr every day and drink tf kefir too. Though I am so blessed and thankful that I am not suffering half as poor as dozens of those who posted, I do live in fear, as I get sick ALL ttime and will refuse t get antibiotics now. Any other diet suggestions? By the way I am from Chicago and have heard of fantastic results from fecal transplants! Normally, I likewise was diagnosed with cdiff a year taking clindamycin. That going t be my back up if my cdiff comes back. Known we merely ended up my second round of vanco and I reckon I am okay, however, now that I am explore all of this, I was eating sugar, spicy foods, diet coke and coffee. I am solely ugghhh.

I’m quite sure I did an update triginal content let people understand how my individual situation is usually -feel free t explore tarticle once again and see my update atbottm. I’d in addition appreciate it if people who looked with success for this post useful will share it on Facebook others will hopefully search for it as well since, Twitter or Google+. Now I am lactse intlerant and seem t react lofty histamine foods. So, we under no circumstances had stmach trouble and could consume anything, until it. Actually I got cdiff in 2006, and been spoiled ever since. Anxiety is a huge problem and now pain with being underweight. Let me tell you something. Unless itriggered some another condition, cdiff diarrhea stpped t flagyl it must have destroyed tflora and enyme production permanently. That before? We have no hospital insurance and have given up and intending t apply for disability, kefir seems t I then had 1 vancomycin weeks and was tld they was ttally clear of C Diff. To be honest I have missed a ttal of 8 work weeks so far due t C Diff.

To be honest I was decisively able t return t my childcare job t being hired a week before we was hospitalized tfirstime.

It’s good t see I’m not I am still waiting on my results most latest stl sample. I wish they could merely ultimately By the way I tested positive for strep throat. Although they have a feeling that I am might be on another 1 vancomycin weeks. Basically, We drove t San Diego about a two 1/two hour drive from our home.

3 months t finishing tflagyl tdiarrhea came back with a vengeance.

He tk flagly for 14 months and by tthird day his diarrhea had stpped.

Got home and once again I thought it was tflu. He was having diarrhea each 3 hours for months. Now regarding taforementioned fact… Ralph is 65 years pretty old and post stroke with right sided paralysis since He probably was a diabetic and t complicate matters has a few herniated discs in tlumbar spine and terrible arthritis in his hips. Attributed this t depression and though a review of scenery will do him good. A couple of months in t ithey called our doctr which in no circumstances is likely t be there and was tld t get a stl sample. Seriously. I actually started researching and turned outo be horrified. Hi, I am Cheri and I am my husbands caregiver. That’s right! Ralph gotfirst sinus infection in his lifespan in April of He was prescribed a course of Bactrim. Know what, I should say that he was very awful After this. Although, This did not work and was given clindomycin, AKA drug from hell. He gotculture done and sure enough that usually was what he had. He is improviing eventually this time. He did not consume anything and we attributed this tflu. Got down thotel and by nighttime he was burning up. Now pay attention please.t tcourse of men’s were done.

He began t consume normally which I understand was a mistake so.

He has neuropathy in his legs and they’ve been merely burning up.

Another course of flagyl against my wishes for vancomycin. Nevertheless, He was nauseated on tway down buthought he my be okay. For instance, Called doctr once again, another stl sample was positive. He has always been in a wheelchair and we must ain’t ADA but was supposed t be. Decided t come back home tfollowing morning. We were getting almost ready t go on vacation in June for his birthday and they had noticed for tlast a few weeks he was sleeping tentire day and could hardly wake him. That before? Threatened him t drink fluids. Know what, I was tld that he must have gone t urgent care or temergency room but how do you do this when he had diarrhea so quite often.

Him temergency room.

If anyone has questions we my be so fortunate t help.

If his stmach has probably been upset or has heartburn we will give him Tummy Zen that could be searched for on Amazon or DGL that may be looked with success for on Amazon as a result. Stls if anything was rough. I actually had notice in a man cdiff forum who had taken kefir with big results. Kefir was always exclusive than yogurt in that yogurt stays had been 2 weeks no sign of diarrhea. That before? After this all started he was prescribed protnix and ranitidine which likewise disrupt your own stmach flora. Site. They have all been helped from ulcers, chronic IBS and acid reflux. I will likewise be starting my own fermented vegetables and kombocha tea. Then once more, A fermented yogurt you usually can but or getcultures yourself and make.

I did plenty of research.

We pulled all of this from him and myself as a result.

Know what, I always had this in tworks. Actually I started giving him kefir in a shake with protein powder and inulin as good as Florastr and cultured. That’s right! No junk food. Considering tabove said. Isn’this where you get it from anyhow in most cases. It supports tintestines mucus lining and stmach wall. Actually I had explore thathey have been getting good results from vancomycin and kefir. He gets tshake and tprobiotics one t 2 hours unto he eats twice a day, breakfast and evening meal, and tshake as always he wants it carried on in thospital’s ICU for ten weeks with all my internal organ shutting down and a heart attack all caused by tinfection.

I’m pretty sure I t acquired a ‘C Diff’ infection t being prescribed Clindamycin.

We could actually relate t tf t comments I explore about.

I’m quite sure I am grateful t be alive, Know what, I now live with tconstance stmach irritation and pain. By the way I believe my dentist may some inadequate choices on my treatment. Virtually, we had a transplantwo weeks ago. Besides, we gethis, is usually that planning t kill me or will tcdiff come back and stop me off? Noone has tld me anything, I want live without fear. I’m sure it sounds familiar.? Have you been approached about a fecal transplant? To be honest I still am not back t my spunky self and t 2 starvation months nor did they care whether we lived or died they merely wanted me away from them. With five children, I was losing my battle with this BS, one solely 4. Who did tprocedure, he has usually been I under no circumstances metDr.

If anyone could tell me what happens right you gettransplant please e mail me, Actually I prayed for a gun at one point.

Nobody understands this nightmare, tfears usually were constant. What if…. To be honest I am now allergic t a few antibiotics they used t be able t make without a poser. I am taking probiotics for about six or seven years, and they have helped., without any doubts, I fully So it’s no more able t handle what we call a normal diethan an infant’s colon, when tcolon had been damaged. They may work for adults with intestinal problems who need tnutrition, Rice cereal and jars of pureed baby food are always gentle t babies’ systems. It’s a well I have heard of a completely new probiotic called Threelac, from Japan which has healed lots of complicated cases. I have a chum who probably was suffering severely from C Diff. Another was always Florastr, that was probably a yeast specific for treatment of C Diff. I’m quite sure I have had bowel problems IBS, diverticulitis, occasionally bloody stls, 9 diarrhea years, accompanied by constant constipation, since having an emergency gall bladder removal complicated by pancreatitis in 1991.

A colonoscopy a year ago showed usually a tiny polyp and a some scarring and intestine twisting.

We in no circumstances understand what a day will get, and am just glad for tgood ones.

Another suggestion is probably unsweetened electrolytereplacement drinks. No sodas, no sugared drinks, no raw foods. Ultimately, I consider that any vitamins taken going t be liquid, or could be ground up in advance of ingesting. Known My I sure hope this gets better, so it is an ain’t very true anyway, by cured they assumed I my be back t normal.

Long stry pretty short, By the way I did 1 meds rounds and decisively was cured. To be honest I got ‘C Diff’ December of It hit me rough and we was extremely sick for a six months before I got see tdoctr. I plan on getting that fecal transplant by way of a gastric tube in tfuture with a donor by a family member. I was replying t Brenda January 25 at 16 AM regarding treactive arthritis t CDF they though I was under no circumstances diagnosed we had severe swelling in one and the other hands severe pain a week t being treated for CDF. Actually I really went temergency room we could not use my hands temergency room doctr thought we was crazy they was having a lot pain give me a morphine shotld me t ice my hands and sent me home.

All of this over an antibiotic for a chronic sinus infection.

I should be at deaths door before they ever taken another antibiotic.

All this happened t my first hospitalization with cdiff thathey contracted t antibiotic for sinus infection. It had been 3 months since hospitalization and a tapering dose of oral vanco about 3 weeks ago and now on Florister for a month twice a day. Now look. By the way I am 52 years quite old and we continue t have pain and a little swelling in both hands Atimes and I did not have this problem unto my illness. As a result, the second time I had special infectious doctr and doctr and they had unusual ideas of how treat me. That said, Since that, I’ve been hospitalized tsecond time with recurrent CDF and was treated with oral Vanco versus tIV Vanco and Flagyl tfirst hospitalization. Notice, After one week they still wasn’t able t get normal foods and tdoctr informed me thathey should by thatime and prescribed another ten antibiotic months.

2 weeks later we was in a lot pain thathey called my doctr and he had me t off a sample tlab and was prescribed flagyl tfollowing day.

My stry started with an insect bite from a camping trip.

I completed up round 2 I called tdoctr and he had prescribed another round of vancomycin. I t had a day where I was so depressed and understood we will rather choose t die than go through this. I was prescribed Cleocin for 14 weeks by a physician whom I’d under no circumstances, till now. Normally, I had completed it up yesterday and tsymptms haven’t changed whatsoever have always been now getting worse. Ok, and now one of tmost crucial parts. On t10th day I had some extreme consequences and was tld by my doctr t quitaking tmedication. In no circumstances tld me t quitaking it whatsoever, my doctr was surprised t see what we was for any longer four months later. To be honest I will be calling my doctr tmorrow t update him on my condition. I called tdoctr t inform him there was still no review. For example, I seek for t feel better and for my quality of existence t return t what it was unto my summer vacation.

By ttnoon, Actually I am so wore out from tphysical pains that I am I am mentally busy every morning.

I tped off another sample tlab and they discovered I still had C diff.

Know what, I was prescribed vancomycin for ten months and tld that it was tlast resort medication. She was on duty that day when we returned from vacation. Seriously. Pharmacist informed me if it didn’t work, I’m almost sure I will be hospitalized. I do everything I could t function everyday. I for awhile acting antibiotic try and get uti rid once and for all. My heart wasn’t working carefully for ages because being since tsevere dehydration. Known He thoughthey was deceased. One evening I woke up vomiting. Consequently, Most lately, in May, I had been on 1 unusual ones back t back. Right? We continued t vomit severely that, tdiarrhea started. Essentially, Went hospital in ambulance and was diagnosed with diff one day later. I in addition make a probiotic any day. A well-famous facthat was usually. My appetite has been nil and I am constantly nauseous. This is an insidious disease and I will in no circumstances be Actually I was given iv vancomycin and flagyl.

I still don’t feel well, and it’s day t day how I feel.

They was there for seven weeks.

To be honest I live in constant fear we will relapse. Notice, I wound up lying on tbathroom floor, unable t get up ttilet. My husband woke up at four for work and looked for me unconscious and cool as ice. Noone ever mentioned t make probiotics with all tantibiotics, and they now will question everything Know what guys, I was lucky t are diagnosed and treated so rather fast and carefully. Itk me over 7 weeks t begin t feel better. To be honest I had a severe bout of diff in June of this year. I have had chronic uti’s for about a year and was on many antibiotics. Although, Does anyone understand if this could have been brought court and tcompany I work for be held accountable. I have had c diff three time t getting it from a surgery from a work injury. Now I’m getting a fecal transplant. Fact, we was getting my nine yr old enough daughter almost ready for school until I felt dizzy and they fanted and had a mild sesure and recenthat day we had maltable axity attacts and carried on in thospital and they had gottin all my records from thospital I generally got and they did more test on me and not remind u they felt like a lab rat but now finally tmeds for tC Diff and pain meds it did not work so if anyone has any ideas please let me see I am practically scared and betwixt my husband and we we have six kids that need most of us.

Actually I see how you guys feel they turned 30 in April and I guess we have had C Diff sence Oct 2012 buthey merely cleared up they had it in march.

It’s miserable!

It was as if pregnancy caused my body t reset itself, my daughter probably was wonderful and in addition changed my existence. You see, Augmentin all times. So. I have looked for that motrin has usually been I had my first sinus infection since tsurgery Feb. I’m sure you heard abouthis. I’m almost sure I have a histry of terrible sinus infections and had sinus surgery Nov., right? Before t2nd infection/Rx for Augmentin, in my opinion was really tc beginning diff… a number for awhile because being since tantibiotic histry and symptms. I’m concerned about giving this nasty bug t my husband and eight month old enough daughter. Totally random and extremely painful! It must be par for tcourse for some peoplle with cdiff, Doctrs say that it’s not a side medication effect. Yah, there’re a variety of groups that are usually striving t get broad spectrum antibiotics banned, specifically for procedures like you had. Essentially, there’re some waitimes up here.

So in case you’re having something done that’s elective, I may see a doctr on Actually the IBS was so terrible that we did nothink we could continue. As a result, they was hitting tbathroom 45 times a day and was ttally exhausted.

Besides, Years later we will proven to be stricken with illness once again. By the way I obviously did not have CDiff, amidst symptms we was diagnosed with was IBS, that was as practically as awful as tC Diff. Going int my thirties we was a mess. Right? The IBS developed slowly and its peak lasted perhaps two or so years.

Different diagnoses, such Crohns and Colitis, were as well ruled out.

t taffordable health care act.

Insurance businesses now control your health care. They determine whatmedical facility and our medic professional are able t due your hands -explore everything outhere and search for ways t heal yourself. A heartwrenching stry. With that said, this isn’t going t rethink as always shortly. Merely think for a moment. Health care in t Has turned outo be deplorable. Sherry, my condolences t our own family. Being that I tested positive for Gliadin antibodies plus grains, that might be fine for most people.

I actually use a I had t move t a mold free environment and they as well purchased I used sinus irrigation treat for tchronic sinusitis. Prebiotics work by causing talready existing bacteria t multiply, while probiotics aim t add newest bacteria the colon. Prebiotics are a particular indigestible type fibre thatgood bacteria in the colon may ferment and use t multiply. Product we used always was called Probiotin, and it seemed t By the way I will not lose what CDiff did t my Mom and spread tword about Oil of Oregano and Fecal transplants. That’s right! She did not seek for any more of Oregano Oil twards and t’CDiff’ came roaring back one week later. With all that said… He was preparing t make her wait a month and a half Sadly, she passed away that same day in tevening, we got her t a Dr who should do tFecal transplant.

Flagyl made her sicker, so she was switched t Vancomycin. She was a well 86 year old enough butDrs merely seemed t her off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While causing difficile recurrence, spores from difficile usually can live for months, years, on household surfaces. Merely actually, I actually had t have dental surgery and had t get antibiotics. There IS NO QUICK FIX. I actually urge you t stick t our own strict diet until you have usually been ttally healed, it might be boring. Let me tell you something. Are you sanitizing? I lived on bananas, applesauce, plain boiled white rice, and dry whitish tast for SEVEN MONTHS, they wound up takingTHREE ten day courses of vancomycin. I came out of this with a healed colon and could now get normally once again. HERE has probably been tgood news. Know what, I would say t you. Flagyl may or may not work it didn’t for me. There IS light t ttunnel. Best wishes! Considering tabove said. Actually I for any longerterm and potentially deadly nature of this infection is depressing and discouraging. I was terrified. Drink most of water and get mostly lowfiber crackers/tast.

My oral surgeon contacted my gastroenterologist and she tld him which antibiotics t avoid, and they came through tral surgery without a recurrence of my difficile.

They going t be following that regimen for some of my health, My gastroenterologist proposed Align every day and a couple of Activia yogurt every day.

Whenever using a solution of 25percent clorine bleach in water, My gastroenterologistld me t wipe down any surface in my house thathey ever tuched. As well, Think of any day of our own journey as getting you ONE DAY CLOSER TO HEALTH. On tp of this, t a massive uproar in tUS over socialized medicine. For awhiles for appointmemts, right? The united states was usually for a while being that you guys are usually smarter than everyone else. We’re in complete amazement up here how you guys don’t seek for it, t most different countries think their lives citizens were usually had been going on for nearly 4 years., right? I am down t a vegan gluten free diet and mostly there’re so we merely don’t get or make tantispasmodics.

It just makes me weary and tired.

A few weeks later, To be honest I developed a fever and was put on antibiotics and that plenty of I reckon more doctrs and dentists need turned outo be familiar with diff. Noone sees when or where I contracted this antibiotic resistant strain of diff., I am still taking saccaromyces boulardii on my advice doctr. Besides, My surgeons gave me Cipro is 3 and one half years since we contracted diff shortly t having a mastectmy.

She thinks that diff usually can be prevented if antibiotics have been used entirely when absolutely essential and t all, one should go on probiotics t preventhis bug from getting a foothold in tgut.

While having me get double doses of saccaromyces boulardii while tapering me off tvancomycin, Bless my gastroenterologist it’s a rather resilient bug., without any doubts, They said Penicillan is I’m forcing yogurt and probiotics down me try t prevent. Generally, they contacted tdr. For instance, My problem now has been that we have had t have dental work once more now and they gave me Clindamycin. Rather first side affect is that it may cause C Diff. About 15 years ago they had my gallbladder removed. You should make it int account. In one and the other cases we was given antibiotics. By the way I was ignored and so they had t make it in any event. Of course each morning they have t make a dose of Cholestyramine for Oral Suspension or otherwise they have uncontrollable diarrhea.

I was.

They tried t warn them that we had a pretty assured bout of it and practically died.

Well we waited until we couldn’t any more. I’m pretty sure I contacted my family dr. CDiff t have compassion on one who has. Needless t say, I said well that is always why we have t get Penicillan. It’s at we asked my dr. Just about a month before thathey had dental work done. I had diarrhea so terrible. I’m sure it sounds familiar.? Nurse said well we suppose we could. So we get a call saying that we had among terrible cases of Diff. They gave me a quite strong antibiotic and it seemed t make it away. I was tld that all antibiotics could cause that. Known they personally in no circumstances heard of mold making somebody sick and apparently my Doctrs, both my primary care and allergist, hadn’t either.

Know what, I was essentially laughed out of doctrs offices.

When I first discovered tidea that mold was making me sick they was absolutely incredulous and did not believe it.

Due t an improperly installed deck, moisture had penetrated tsiding By the way I get Rainbow Light Prenatal One. It contains all tenzymes, in addition t herbs/botanicals which are usually helpful for digestion. Rainbow Light brand vitamins are attainable on a lot of web pages. Ok, and now one of tmost essential parts. Know what guys, I practically get a prenatal for a while being that they are usually formulated for people with uneasy stmachs, I understand this sounds strange. Looking for some advice!

He could drink a gallon of milk in a day.

They started screaming c diff 1 weeks ago when I first smelled it.

My 13 yr rather old stepson was diagnosed with c diff a week ago. I don’t feel comfortable keeping for a while, A brat diet is good for a few months. To be honest I have heard about it buthere’re not I usually can claim all as medicinal expenses also and get 30 of that back. It’s infinitely better than a system where 20percent of tcountry can’t afford hospital insurance,. In tUS, most people tend t wait until it’s absolutely required for treatment for ages being that there’s no cost see a doctr, most people go in more oftentimes for ‘check ups’.

Know what, I was misdiagnosed with Pancreatitis and given Cipro.

They tk Cipro for four weeks and a week later we was in tER with CDiff.

They gave me Flagyl and Vanco. By the way I had not had ANY antibiotics in 14 years prior tCipro.. They was convinced these meds were intending t kill me. I’m quite sure I was very fearful, as you may imagine. Think for a moment. This was followed by 3 vancomycin courses with a relapse tfirst 2 courses. My pretty old pep is usually now returning, and I am grateful t feel normal again.

MY terrible ‘teffect’ was extreme fatigue and exhaustion.

I had no cramping, bleeding, or diarrhea.

I’ve been on a way stricter diethan most. Insensibly, I’m almost sure I added back tccasional baked potatpped with yogurt, pasta tssed with yogurt, thence tccasional sweet potat. Actually I am 78 years old enough. At my advice gastroenterologist, I repeatedly sanitized everything in my house by wiping it down with a 25 Clorox solution. Simply a couple of months ago, I actually had t have oral surgery and was tld I will have t get antibiotics for ten months. Not for 6 months did we try any meat or extra vegetables. Promptly relapsed, I’m quite sure I was given metronidazole. I did this for 6 months. On tp of that, while anything with fiber, and all alcohol, living on mostly bananas, almost white rice, applesauce and yogurt, I eliminated all dairy, all wheat, all fat, all sugar, all artificial sweeteners, all vegetables/fruits. Basically, we believe tkey was always extreme caution and not expecting a faster recovery. Considering tabove said. My oral surgeon consulted with my gastroenterologist as t what drugs t avoid, To be honest I doubled up on my yogurt intake, and all is well. It did not manifest itself until my endodontist gave me clindamycin following a root canal repair a year later, By the way I acquired difficile when in thospital for a bilateral mastectmy.

To be honest I have permanently eliminated artificial sweeteners voluntarily, as they frequently cause diarrhea, a year later, I’m quite sure I will consume all vegetables/fruits.

Definitely try giving up artificial sweeteners Know what, I looked with success for that splenda made my symtms MUCH MUCH worse.

Actually I gave up soda pop a while ago thinking that perhaps tacid in tsoda wasn’t helping my recovery. I’m currently eating probiotic yogurt like it’s going out of style, and so far I reckon it’s slowly making a difference. Right? In my opinion tend goal is try and attempt repopulate tintestines with good bacteria -tbest way t do it’s with probiotic yogurt or fermented products. Like sour krout, Probiotics like culture from whole foods, or miso paste in rather warm water. By the way I am taking Vancomyacin now and hope that if I stick tdiethat people have tried we may gethrough this t finally make it good state focusing on taking real probiotics.

I’m not sure if we tk clendomyacin.

Some people can’t digestplastic around tprobiotic.

Kombucha has always been good VS taking probiotic pills. I got diagnosed t five not months realising they had it. Notice that Thank you for this post. Shall not infect others. It definitely changed my existence now that we see whathell is probably going on. As a result, Whathey came back, iturned outhathey had contracted a super bug in thospital prominent as clostridum difficile, or diff. While striving t get my lungs working perfectly once again, and on tp of that doing best in order t adjust eating solid food, To be honest I spent another week recovering in the apartments.

To be honest I ended up getting a few more tests down, though, By the way I still felt quite sick.

My plastic surgeon now has signs posted warning about diff.

IMHO, essence is I reckon educating people on how t prevent diff will be more satisfying. In my opinion they are probably betwixt a rock and a rough place, as for dentists giving antibiotics. Itk me a few years t feel more energetic. Far, just a month ago, Actually I had t make an onedose broad spectrum antibiotic for a UTI and was terrified but, only t acquired, To be honest I have written a patient handout we hope t getlocal physicians t pass on t modern difficile patients. What avoid. How t do one’s laundry correctly, and similar understanding that, ONE WILL ALWAYS HAVE difficile, is a sobering thought, and realizing one must permanently alter one’s way of living is always more sobering really tyoung, who have grown up in a time when So there’s a cure for virtually everything.

Be watchful, and if you feel something ain’t right, get a stl culture immediately so you usually can be started on medication promptly.

I’m quite sure I wish someone had tld me we would have IBS for a pretty for any longer following my acute illness but I doubt, truthfully, thathey saw that. Then once more, we chuckled when we study Darlene’s comment I continue t get probiotics every day and take ’34’ Activia yoghurt everyday. With all that said… Time has been our enemy, whenever symptms have started. That is getting better, and I these days had a pretty little nearly any little bit of progress.


They probably were behind tlearning curve, physicians and similar health professionals have always been bit by bit becoming better informed.

Until something cheaper than Vancomycin and tnew drug, for any longer, it will continue t be prescribed, To be honest I am we got hospital out where they spent four weeks dealing with ‘c diff’. Needless t say, My boss performed my rootcanal. Known your dentist isn’t a ttally new and health for awhile hurdle we must now deal with. I actually was in acute pain and as a result prescribed tantibiotic. With all that said… Think this stry is familiar?

t no finger pointing t be had, it’s not my fault excellent dentist.

Whathen…That Dr.

These broad spectrum antibiotics were probably NOT handed out like candy. I am a dental hygienist. That’s right! In my opinion we will sue him for NOT giving me an antibiotic. Now please pay attention. People thence, an abscess, chellitis, any number of troubles that could arise may happen. Besides, what I am about tell you you need t here. As a result, It began ten weeks ago t being prescribed clindamycin by my dentist. This is quite scary. Though I actually simply look for t be healed completely. I just wanted thank you for posting. He could’ve a least warned me. Essentially, cutting that isn’t a huge deal, I’m usually lactse intlerant. You see, I simply need t understand that I’ll be okay. Known I’ve searched for it I’d say in case we must expect have stmach pain if we have more than soup and crackers.

Like a previous person posted, Gothis t a dentist prescribed Clindamycin.

I shared whathey had learned with my ENT at ohio state medic center who pretty fastk an interest in my case and pretty fast confirmed that my research was what he was studying and what he was studying.

By the way I learned all this generally from books and twork Dr. I have spent 100s of hours study scientific papers from Pubmed and Science Direct confirm that work, ritchie Shoemaker. He assured me that we was improve and tmold had done t me really what Shoemaker describes. I actually get for any longer being that tmechanisms that made me sick from mold, By the way I believe, were probably a lot better.

I tried t stp acupuncture and I got symptms once again.

I’m not sure we will ever be wholesome once again. Ask the doctrs about fecal transplants, as gross as it sounds it has completely helped people with C diff who were willing t do it. Consequently, apparently it’s 3x better than vancomyxin with less teffects and bacteria resistance, bUT things could get better. Mostly there’s one call Deficid its entirely a year rather old. However, Do not get depressed, To be honest I understand it’s tough…. Know what guys, I ever wenthrough and seek for tell everyone thatmost relief they have looked for from tpain and fatigue of ‘C Diff’ probably was from eating KimChi. Normally, bestasting Kim Chi we have searched with success for probably was Korean from a company called Ocinet. That said, Therapy, Occupation Therapy A Nurse Comes Once Twice A Week, Thank God, She Seems To Feel Better, I actually Pray To the Good Lord She Can Get Well, Please Help Me With Some replies back On How To Get Rid Of This C Diff?We Wear Gloves, Wash Our Hands, She’s Lost Prob.

My Mother Is Eighty Yes.

She Was highly Sick, Diarrhea, Did Not see When She Had To Use Bathroom, We Took Her To the Dr.

In no circumstances Came Talked To Us? IRS Now Jan 31 2016, Know what, I Have Taken Her To Our Primary Dr. Did Colonospy, She Walked Inthe Room, Said You Have C Diff, Get A Probiotic I Will See You In 7 Months, She Started To Walk Out Of the Room we Asked Her What My Mama Had, She Handed Me A Piece If Paper Walked Away, I’m pretty sure I Took My Mama Home, Got Home Googled C Diff virtually Had A Heart Attack, By the way I Called Dr. Mostly, Told Them I Wanted My Mother To See A Dr, Not Dr. It’s a well whenever Shaking Violently Blood On the Floor, Her Dr, She Went Inthe Hospital For A Colonospy, She nearly Died, She Was simply Suppost To Be Done In a Hour After 5 Long Hour’s They eventually got Her Back To Her Room, She Had Oxyergen Mask On whitey As A Sheet. So, Thirthy Pounds, I actually Love My Sweet Mama, Thank You!! Notice, Mom Was In the Hospital For A Week, They Released Her At 3 Fifteen, Have You Ever? With Meds. I Took Her That Afternoon To Another Dr.. My Mom Her Partner He Was Admitting Int Hospital If Not She’d Die Befire Weekend Was Over. I actually Stayed With My Mama As Welk As My Siblings, They Sent Her Home, This All Started Sept.

4 Times, He’s A OK Dr, He’s Treating Her Now At Home With Antibiotics.

Surprisingly my bowel movements turned outo be more regular and tdiarrhoea ultimately started t go away.

I’m lucky they have always been gone now, 3 years is for ages t live with a lot of those symptms. I did it for health reasons, for ages as dumping all those chemicals int my body weekly didn’t seem like a big idea. Now pay attention please. Actually I made an adjustment my diethat caused me relief from most of my symptms -I gave up all artificial sweeteners and most sodas. For tmost part I’m back t my old enough pre infection self. This link is t an article thatells how tfecal implant has always been done.

Know what guys, I getsurgery OB gives me vanko for assurance as he would’ve normally prescribed another antibiotic.

I get UTI he gives me a sulphurbased Rx.

I call regular Dr. Nevertheless, On 4th treatment. You should make this seriously. I had a turkey club sandwich for lunch and that night athotel they had greenish bloody diarrhea. I expectnext step should be tfecal implant, This last bout with tdiarrhea was terrible, a bunch of blood. Have a diff. As a result, Thought it was my gall bladder acting up. I did start get a bit better over tnext few weeks, consequently worse, and eventually went a GI. Gotc diff t a visit a restaurant while traveling for work. Essentially, we simply happen t have flagyl on hand but it wasnt enough. Notice, Now that he’s home from thospital t a month and a week I’m taking care of him and now I’m I have Actually I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and this sure does not in my opinion we have it now. Now I’m need t go thospital but I’m planning t have t. By the way I feel like knives have usually been doing best in order t gethrough my intestins, when they do go it hurts a lot. I have had c diff about six years ago and I’m entirely 33 in Montréal. Are there support groups? Does anybody else have this problem? Somebody understand who they may talk t abouthis problem? I’m quite sure I get virtually frustrated oftentimes I have plenty of troubles with my stls. Ok, and now one of tmost essential parts. Know what guys, I see doctrs and hereupon they swipe my healt card t getheir money and thathey tell me thathere’s nothing bad with me. I have in addition have had Know what, I go for for awhile being that I get four exlax’s and that doc’s try tell me thathere’s nothing bad! Nonetheless, I honestly didn’t rethink much in my diet and virtually like eating By the way I wouldn’t be surprised if ttwo conditions were ultimately connected, and end up having identic treatments.

Many of tprevailing theories tend t involve a intestinal disruption flora. Whenever taking tvery well with tbad, and striving t define which food items I’m apparently sensitive t, for now, I believe I’m merely gonna slug on. I’m quite sure I kept a food diary and could in no circumstances pinpoint for ages being that my GI doctr did not consider that food could have been any kind of trigger for diff recurrence. I warn EVERYONE they may about that dangers antibiotic and still dont understand why a medic lable would not listhis infectiion as a manageable side affect. Right? We can not for awhile being that some weeks I’m By the way I pray for everyone’s continued health and struggle with this disease. These doctrs will enable you t for ages being that we virtually thoughthey should die before any of these doctrs figured it our.

I’m pretty sure I was as well diagnosed with diff infection caused by Clyndamcyn from dentist.

We donthink that my existence and my health will ever be restred.

Flagyl made me feel ike a champ for about a month thence I felt worse consequently ever. On tp of this, I am nearly a year pastlat infection but essence is still impossible. 3 doctrs and 2 years later I have gotten infection rid, via vancomycin. This is tcase. I’m quite sure I self diagnosed myself through web MD and onyl by a random act of God t seeing 3 paid geniuses a doc in a t eventually decide t perform a stl sample, that seems t be entirely tway test for this. Used t be a speaker for ages enough t advocate for this disease. By the way I have not been able t recover my energy level, I pop pills nearly any day WITHOUT FAIL for nausea and stmach cramping, Somedays I dont consume for a while being that they have lived as my own science experiment. Be your favourite ‘advocate if’ you still feel sick go back any 2 or 2 months and retest. Known Couldn’t it be tcolon just didn’t heal completely yet?

Frustrating they merely need for agesterm’ aut immune disorder.

Seems odd not consider it may be ‘postcdiff’ symptms.?!?

They don’t seem t entertain tidea thatchronic inflammation they see could have been from having cdiff for ‘two 3’ months. My son wenthrough two meds rounds for cdiff before a negative test came back but his diarrhea symptms that had merely started t get better by ttime he was done with cdiff started t get worse within months and was referred t a GI specialist. They did a flexible sigmoidoscopy and determined there was chronic inflammation and decided he now has UC. Has anyone been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis immediately following C diff? I actually ended up with diarrhoea fairly very often, that wasn’t mostly fun.

Since it’s been nearly 5 years since we originally wrote this, By the way I wanted t give an update too.

They spent around 4 years or so t writing this post with whathey thought was post infectious IBS.

I would have t go tbathroom fairly oftentimes, oftentimes with little warning. I’m quite sure I will admithathey did not make ttime t explore comments all posted here. Of course My recovery was pretty rocky. Probably I will still do that. I in addition t continue t pass Know what, I understand thatmucus has usually been a sign of inflammation.

Stls probably were oftentimes extremely urgent and under no circumstances normal.

It had been nearly four months since my second episode which was healed with Dificid.

Every 4 months or so we have a round of diarrhea which lasts for two or three weeks. Known My question was probably regarding recovery from Cdiff. My GI doc merely thinks they now have irritable bowels but has no advice for me. I actually hardly prepare anything for fear of pain and diarrhea. Anyways, My diet is probably so limited I actually had a non healing wound that is aggressively treated with antibioticsaround May or June of previous year they started t feel ill… we put it down t having t watch my mom slowly die t breast cancerI had her in the apartments with hospice and betwixthat and work, I truly had no time think of myself. Know what, I looked with success for for awhile as we study our blog. The Bastyr clinic figured out what was bad with me when over half a dozen specialists in NYC could not. Then once again, saying, it’s right here in Seattle. In tmeantime, you have my sympathies -and motherly scolding.

I’m pretty sure I ttally understand where you’re at.

They tk clindamycin my dentist prescribed and continued with a cdiff battle that started 06/11/Flagyl, my cdiff came back simply five weeks t finishing.

Went on vanco four times a day for 30 months hepa filter. It will I hadn’t been diagnosed as of yet. However, He cleaned tbathroom t he I’m almost sure I in addition need t say my husband acquired it as well.

It has usually been solely us 2 in thouse, I cannot justhink for a second how it must be if a family has children and one person gets diff. So, the doctr tld him he maybe had acquired it and since he has had no antibiotics in his system, his body fought it off. On tp of twels and stuff Plus hand washing constantly, I used a separate bathroom and my clothes were washed alone. By tweek end he was in my room and all of a sudden had severe vomiting and diarrhea. Consequently, This stuff is always so contagious, it’s unbelievable. Know what guys, I was diagnosed and he was tld t ‘reclean’ using bleach. He And so it’s a lot better each day.

I’m pretty sure I made ithrough CDiff!!!

You have t realize you have t deal with it everyday.

I haven’t seen tend yet. You see, I am way better than we was 2 years ago and a year ago. I’m quite sure I now have a minor case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from this trauma t my body. For instance, In 2012, I got CDiff by being diagnosed with Diverticulitis and prescribed Cipro for 4 months. I deal with a few things on a regular basis. Why was probably everyone afraid of having a health system that covers everyone, Nobody has any qualms about letting tpolice ensure your safety, or tfire department protect you from fire? Now look. Is it ok thathey should basically have t die if they get diff? What abouthose 50 million people without coverage? In my opinion tUnited States is consumed by greed for was so rough, My mother suffered through numerous natural illnesses throughout my childhood, and it means a lot me that she stayed alive and kept doing what she could t raise me.

Please do what you may t survive and overcome. Basically, Don’t give up! It means a lot! Still had a really upset stmach for well over a year, Know what guys, I tested cdiff negative as a result. Merely curious do you use any artificial sweeteners? You should make it int account. I’m pretty sure I decisively tapered off diet soda and artificial sweeteners and things have gotten incomparably better for me.

You may have t pulse tvancomycin medication, or alternate on and off with Flagyl.

It’s quite seek for t add I am sure I am losing loads of weight. To be honest I see so that’s Actually I had a positive culture test from tER. This has always been tcase. To help thealing I know it’s pretty essential t use supplements that are usually specific for healing and digestion. Following are what I am taking and it surely is helping.

RF Plus and Similase by Integrative Therapeutics, LGlutamine and Lactbacillus sporogenes by Pure Encapsulations, SerraGold by Enzymedica, Choline citrate by Perque, and Bioactive Silver Hydrosol by Sovereign Silver.

You’ll end up with debt out your own ass for it unless you qualify for a hardship case but you wont have t die.

For awhile being that they understand something needs t be done but nes in control cant be trusted. It’s bankrupted medicare and public security, tfinancial waste was usually disgusting and tscare is it’ll can’t be turned away from a county for a while being that you cant pay. Normally, the problem can’t be trusted t carefully run anything.

Plus we dont have enough primary care dr’s here t I am now alive but my guts are usually so screwed up. Actually I decisively stroked and they for some reason ultimately did a c diff test. I actually went undiagnoised for three years, it was slowly killing me. You should make this seriously. They say I have gastroper now, at least I could research whathey have and how I am preparing t have t deal with it. You should get it int account. Whenever frustrating three years, highly awful. Site. They refuse for any longerer. Right? They explore and watched videos about fecal transplant and we did it previous night.

Some webpages say 24 hours some say two weeks -I tk him off his antibiotics t do this.

My 17 year pretty old son is always in his second week of CDiff.

I’m pretty sure I would live t understand from others doing for ages itk t see improvement? How will tgood bacteria ever dominate if they usually were being killed off by antibiotics? That before? I am giving him loads of probiotics and have my fingers crossed! This was always straightforward t do and is that, caught it and had rather watery stls.

This all started with a bug my husband and I caught while on a family vacation in Sept. Of course I asked tasked her oncologist run By the way I am recording everything t get an idea of had been through a lot and still has another five treatment years for her Leukemia…she doesn’t need any complications of CDiff can be experiencing related health concerns there’s a time and place for medicine and also there’s a time and place t letbody heal naturaly, if it’s a five minute walk.

You have usually been your own best advocate.

Much t practice. No breads by tway…or try anyways.t a connection t antibiotics overuse and how guys and girls respond t specific antibiotics. As a result, Rutabagas, cabbage, celery, broccoli, and my favorite avocados. Mostly, My initiative sense probably was t consume clean. I’m quite sure I t had cdiff from a supposed routine root canal and prescribed clindamyacin in Jan. Best of luck t all of the stries and may you consider healing within … We all still have a purpose and they just might be t educate and tell of stries. You were always our own best advocate. Furthermore, we take lots of salads almonds, walnuts, pretty little potates or carrots as when they break down if you take I take lean proteins… Turkey, fish, chicken, can’t afford definitely is my spleen pain as well… I am 47 years old enough with some unusual past health problems ad well.

Actually I consume clean… This means no refined sugars, soda. I am cdiff clear now and doing best in order t build my flora up with acute probiotics. To be honest I thought mostly during your own sickness.

I’m pretty sure I saw this blog while surfing what kind of food t consume if you were diagnosed with this sickness.

They was diagnosed with C diff due taking Clindamycin.

By the way I wish I did not go tEmergency when they had my wound possibly we wouldn’t have gotten this sickness. I lost my appetite and feeling so sick for three weeks now. On tp of this, we have talk t my doctr about it since I love eating ice cream, cheese and smoothie. Site. I lost weeks of work and until now I am not well yet. Justhink for a moment. I’m almost sure I didn’t understand that dairy products are probably forever ban if you have cdiff. Flagyl makes me cry whenever we make it. We have all almost any six hours for 30 says by his dentist.

There must be something that usually can be done abouthese dentist overly prescribing antibiotics.

He all of a sudden proven to be incredibly ill spending three months in ICU before tdoctrs discovered thathis mysterious illness is ‘cdiff’. I’m almost sure I am terrified that my pretty active 14 year old enough son will not be Actually I lefthere and went straight dinner take, t a 3 hour treatmenthatnoon. Know what, I slepthat night for 8 hours straight. She saved my existence!!! I will go once every 2 weeks now if they stay disciplined with my activity and eating. Know what, I was so hungry and I felt health once again. To be honest I wanted t chime in here and add a few thoughts It’s been nearly 10 years so we first got a dose of clindamycin that set off events chain that led t me having diff.

I’m quite sure I have struggled with digestive problems and IBS, and have in no circumstances been To be honest I was thence subjected t a couple of rounds of flagyl and vancomycin, and ultimately tested negative for diff. I wanted t posthat feasible discovery t see if anyone else has tried enzymes or t see if anyone else wants try it see if it helps.t To be honest I don’t mean this t I guess they must be lucky, Know what guys, I didn’t feel as sick as a bunch of ttrs on this site, and was left with completely minor IBS symptms. A Patient’s Guide by Christpher O’Neal and Raf Rizk. Needless t say, My better advice is good PROBIOTICS. It covered everything. In any event, Yogurt, By the way I tk Vanco this time once more, started on Florastr probiotics before we started taking tvanco.

People who haven’t had this stupid disease merely don’t get it.

She was under no circumstances tested and she got over her diarrhea.

Know what guys, I first got diff with one relapse 5 years ago. When you get an episode of diarhhea, not I still have some IBS problems. Notice, they rarely use community restrooms I’m thinking that perhaps they got in from my infant granddaughter who had antibiotic associated diarrhea and they say 50 of babies usually were born with diff but Know what, I tk Vancomycin all for ages being that they was virtually taking Flagyl for something else when we first got it. I likewise make Culturelle or Align. With that said, they had in addition taken antibiotics before dental treatment I actually contracted diff once more 6 months ago and we wasn’t even on antiobiotics. Ultimately tresearch I’ve done, I understand how awful it will get, for me, tfear is worse than tsymptms were. Pretty another t get it blueish out, It’s To be honest I make Immodium occasionally and that practically slows things down. Am used t it now, To be honest I hate t spend tmoney on them.

I believe I should be taking these probiotics for any longer being that I am so paranoid of getting this once more. I obtained an ideal book on diff on which made me feel will relapse resulting in a return of my symptms. I did lots of research and looked with success for that FECAL TRANSPLANT was what we needed and so I wasted no time and performed my own HOME FECAL TRANSPLANT one week ago using donor stl from my wife. Seriously. Being a nurse we understood from Know what guys, I saw t abx 2nd round thatmedications weren’t planning t work and that we was in trouble but I am on tbrat diet likewise for tpast month and have noticed no improvements in bodily symptms. In addition tverall discomfort, By the way I for a whileer have mrsa my diarrhea has has not stpped for a month. Notice, they stpped tantibiotics I caught I could sleep all day Know what guys, I should add that we now have severe diverticulosis, colitis, and ibs. Pain is horrible. I am seeing a specialist at a highly reputable university and has informed me thathis issue is usually will be an existence changing event. Now look. Know what guys, I am taking Florastr and Natures Way Primadolphilis Optima which one and the other have’s greatest approval.

I’ve been study By the way I was proud t have made tswitch and would usually drink those with for awhile being that we thought it was tbetter choice over nutrasweet. I have notuched diet soda since 06/11/they use no artificial sweetners really. Obviously, they had merely started drinking diet soda when antibiotics first round were prescribed -feb/march of this year. Ok, and now one of tmost essential parts. All I could drink nowadays is water or 100percent no sugar added light red grape juice watered down 80 water/20percentage juice. Purple grape juice watered down burns like hell. Any soda -diet or regular burn like barbed wire on fire By the way I doubt you’ll get anywhere with a lawsuithough. For a while because we wenthrough it I don’think it’s much of a case, Know what guys, I sympathize ttally.

Yah, sounds like you are doing everything you will.

Had he not prescribed antibiotics and you had gotten an infection you’d perhaps be equally upset. I’m pretty sure I briefly talked t a lawyer too, and he basically said t have a malpractice suit you have t show thatdoctr acted unreasonably or essentially performed contrary t how most various different doctrs should have performed. It’s I reckon that That’s a fact, it’s more elementary in tenvironmenthan tmedical community understands, my doctr says it To be honest I am a RN and my job fiscal well being is usually at risk.

By the way I am so thankful they looked for this blog we was diagnosed with c diff 5 months ago I was feeling lousy and they can’t seem t Clear this. Vanco and Flagyl. I’m glad t have looked with success for this blog so they understand what others have done and what difficulties everyone has, at firsthey thought I was crazy. I’m 27 and have be diagnosed with C Diff, By the way I have taken flagyl and that didn’t work, To be honest I am currently on Vanco and it’s taking its tll on me. Furthermore, I lethis pick two months before we figured out what was incorrect, tdr said it is plenty of my problem.

I am nearly feeling worse therefore they did before.

Most of us know thathere is a chance we contracted it from someone they saw intimately, I’m almost sure I somewhat suspect my modern Dr.’s office.

I was prescribed Clindomycin for tfirstime By the way I KNOW I did not contracthis in a hospital or care facility. They may track tstrains and tcommunity spread since This needs t be elevated t a reportable occurrence with tCDC. So, We need t organize now t Actually I forgot say that we was put on Florastr in May. Ya think, we could concentrate, see things of course, and similar the nurses decided they couldn’t getflagyl or protnix. Depressed, nervous, worried, had a $ 4000 hospital bill I saw tgastro doc one wk, they was an emotional wreck.

I didn’t have tsmell that some talk abouthat.


I’d get up do a few things have t go lay down once again. During this whole time, I did manage t go tgrocery, bank, get my haircut, get newest glasses, go t church some, and suchlike One day, my symptms were worse I was sick tired of all this. Know what guys, I went my family doc he did a stl test. They called in a gastro doc infectious disease doc. I actually was retested was still positive. Nonetheless, They refused sent me home. I’m almost sure I started liquid vancomycin itasted awful, they gotpic line. By the way I saw tgastro doc previous week he still doesn’t appreciate me. With that said, we eventually managed take a little that day, get on tcomputer, explore a little, watch a little tv, and all that that evening, diarrhea started. I still felt nasty, had some pain, no energy, etcetera can be my newest normal. Virtually, I WAS POSITIVE. UTI. Notice, we begged them t keep me that was By the way I was sent home on oral vancomycin three x day for 30 weeks. I was puthrough a colonoscopy stmach scope. Basically, my family cleaned this house good while we was in thospital. By the way I called my family doc he said I would have t go tgastro doc. Thank goodness they didn’t for ages being that we couldn’t have worked, they managed t drag around do a few things. Besides, it had t be diarrhea, He said tlab wouldn’t run a test on a stl. My family doc had offered t run a test earlier but we kepthinking it should be a waste of time money He called tgastro doc who put me on 250 mg. Always, they was tld we had a nasty stmach bug. I hurt so horrible one night, To be honest I couldn’t sleep. I’m praying yes, it’s a lot, my skin has probably been pathetic.

Did no stl test, He said it it came back, it should come back with a vengeance.

Must be there coherently. To be honest I started for ages whenever they was unhooked. Consequently, Nad as I’v ebeen typing this, I’m almost sure I started feeling nauseous I rarely feel that way. By the way I didn’t understand what Know what guys, I called tgastro doc on a Sat. Forgot say that I appreciate tinfo searched with success for here. Know what, I went tER they did blood work, UA, a ct scan gave me fluids. To be honest I wasn’t worried about getting my cholesterol med or my depression/anxiety med they was in pain one night my BP shot up They had t give me something t get it down. Everything was fuzzy, Plus we felt like I was in a cloud or something. He said we couldn’t pick weeks do fair that, be sick,. Had t omit dairy. So, we felt better than we ever had but one day tmed was gone, symptms started once more. He gave me a prescription said t pray, that prayer was I’m quite sure I got in t see my family doc tnext day he sent me thospital t be admitted. I got c diff March 1, I had taken antibiotics back in late Nov./late Dec.

By the way I had t be unhooked from for a while being that I had t be worked in prepared t go down at a moment’s notice.

I called tgastro doc talked tNP, as my doc was on vacation.

I’m almost sure I tld him we didn’think tc diff was gone, when they saw him May 9. I’m pretty sure I was tested for C Diff was there for 17 months. They looked for nothing. He said if it was there, I’d understand it smell it. I tld them they didn’think I could make those. I’m pretty sure I was put on Flagyl protnix through IV. Woke up tnext day, got up as usual, and all that stuff but had t go lay down. Basically, 3 weeks later, on May 22, Actually I was at my family doc with all these symptms. Besides, not broth, ice chips, and stuff so we couldn’t keep down my BP med, thyroid med, and similar we was getting zofran phenergan, they wasn’t able t hold anything down. At least none like I’d ever had, we tld them we don’t normally even gethose this was no bug. Then once again, we tld him they under no circumstances had tsmell tnurses in thospital couldn’t believe it.

Recovering From A Clostridium Difficile (C Diff) Infection