The Students Of Whole State Shouldn’t Be Penalized For The Serious Problem Which Happened Somewhere Else

Chilly Fire works to encapsulate heat and fuel source, when the product has penetrated surface.

Suppression system automatically deploys an aqueous agent within EFCS, to cool suppress the fire, So if the internal temperature rises above a set temperature.

The Emergency Fire Containment System differs from all another fire containment bags, in that it utilizes an automatic suppression system. Paper Leak is a Administrative/System & process Lapse.

The PU objective Board shouldn’t be to set ugh question papers and fail students.

It was usually pointless to penalize all state students for this administrative lapse. Notice, What will students all over state do for a fault committed elsewhere. In this case I consider that decision benefit has to be given to students and board to decide not to conduct a re examination. Virtually, purpose and PU objective board may be to motivate PU education and ensure that all students pass significant education and make their next course of essence.

Conduct re exam on Saturday.All entrance exams usually were starting from 3rd onwards.

No problem if paper is tough.

I’m quite sure I understand its frustrating but still there must be a re exam and this time hope knowledge and talent wins!! As a result, How come there should be a leak when tight security and CID probes are probably going on. Department and government playing with students crucial career and they need to set right their system first before even request for any re examination. Government needs to get this responsibility and act immediately on the officials for second time paper leak. The CM, Education minister and PU board Director need to make immediate responsibility of this leakage. Nonetheless, Students were disappointed over the question leak paper for the second time.

We hold the Pre University Department responsible. They have failed to get measures to prevent leakage of question papers in the way Central Board of Secondary Education has done, said Deon Fleming from the Padua College. It was rough for PaduĂ  staff PU college to console Ebanella, the 2nd year PU student, whose plans to reach her native Meghalaya and write All India Institute of medicinal Sciences entrance exam has probably been spoiled Chemistry since exam question paper leak. The original examination papers to be corrected and marks ascertained. On p of that, Objective of PU Board should’ve been to enable students to Pass PUC examinations and take essence course. Then once again, all the students state shouldn’t be penalized for the huge poser which happened somewhere else.

PU Board objective shouldn’t be to set ugh question papers and fail the students.

Decision benefit must favor the students and Reexamination shouldn’t be conducted anymore.

PU board must now be spending time to see how papers leaks might be avoided in future by refining systems processes. As a result, the education minister can not shed away from responsibilities and blame others standing outside.

What punishment was given to those culprits who were caught during 2012? This is really pathetic to hear about the students fate who have taken other competitive examinations outside the state! Normally, Their families could be banned and kept away from society itself! It is If they’ve been severely punished these heinous type acts will not have repeated. Shameless people, not fit to be human beings whatsoever!! Same story repeating year after year.please stop following age old enough custom and think of newest technology with modern systems and passwords for securing question papers which may be released mostly half an hour before.

The Students Of Whole State Shouldn’t Be Penalized For The Serious Problem Which Happened Somewhere Else